Happy (very late) birthday Sweetie.

It's been about a month since the New Year has started, and already I broke one my resolutions. For at least once a week, write a post on Sweets Galore. As you guys may have noticed, I have not been doing that at all. A roll of excuses about my absence could fall off my head and land onto my hands to be typed out. And they would all be true, however would I really mean it when I say sorry and try to attempt to go back to that particular New Year’s resolution? The answer, my dear readers, is no.

I won’t really mean it if I apologized about ‘abandoning’ my blog and not abiding to that particular resolution, because that sentence wouldn’t feel true. However, I am a bit sorry that I have not been posting lately. My head does not want to keep on having to invent new post ideas every single week, it, as well as I, would like to have some time away from the blogging world to do our own thing, which is living life.

However, I am a bit sorry whenever a perfect opportunity to blog passes by. Simply because I don’t have the time or energy or it may have slipped from my mind, for me to actually go onto BlogSpot and type the whole thing down.  A perfect example of this would be my blog’s birthday, which turned two on January 8th of this year.

So to make up for it, I am going to post four videos that I like right now.
One is a book trailer for a book that I have recently reread.
Another is a Disney short film that has no words.
The third is a song that involves school.
And the last video involves science.

So without further ado, here they are.

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  1. I LOVE the fault in our stars SO MUCH. Also, I definitely recommend you read Pandemonium. I also have a quick question: how did you change the color of the post title? I can't find anywhere to change it from being blue! Thanks! :)