hello again.

School: My current classes include AP US History, chemistry HN, AP calculus, and accounting, which only occur on A-days. As for the B-days, the rest of the classes are painting, AP calculus again, math Lab (aka study hall), and English HN.
Some clubs I joined so far are FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), and Think in Ink (a creative writing club).

How I’m faring so far: I’m pretty fine, a little disorganized when it comes to school work. The school I’m going to is not that bad but it has a small library, which I don’t like at all.

My current cravings: French fries, always French fries. It seemed to have developed when I moved to the city to live with my older sister, and it won’t leave.

Anyone special: I did have a crush but like most of my crushes in the last few years, it flew away on a breeze towards the land called, You’re Not My Type.

Last book I’ve read: The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen. It’s a pretty good book but I would have to give it three out of five stars because the main character’s romance with the tourist seemed too fast, but of course it was a summer romance. And the tourist took a cheese grater and started grating my nerves throughout the whole book, I was glad when he didn't get what he wanted and disappeared.  

Life in general: I miss home. Home as in the house I grew up in, in the town that I've known for much of my life. I miss my cat. I miss my dad and mom and my little brother. I miss physically talking to my friends, and just having friends in general (my shyness seems to have grown since going to my new school). And I miss the library there (both my old school library and the public one).

What I hate: my older sister’s narrow-mindedness. The fact that school starts to early. The fact that my self-motivation broke in my sixteen years and eleven months. The fact that the libraries are too far away. And the fact that I was in a reading slump* for a while.

What I like: I like how my school is pretty diverse and how there are more clubs. I like how I’m starting to get out of my reading slump. I like how it’s finally autumn and the trees are barely changing colors. I like the characters from the anime Free! (but I don’t like how I have to wait till next summer for the new season). I like that I’m getting a phone soon. And I like that I’m blogging again.

What I hope for: College, being on my own, more books, more money, and probably a boyfriend.


*reading slump: a period of time when you don't feel like reading.

P.S. Thanks for sticking with me or technically blog.


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