Goodbye 16

Text reads: Sixteen favorite things from my sixteenth year of life.
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  1. Learning how to drive over the summer.
  2. Knowing more about important things in life like rape culture, sexism, racism, equality, and how the patriarchy doesn't just affect the girls but the guys as well.  
  3. The too many math parties that has happened during lunch.
  4. Hanging out with friends and family and doing crazy stuff like staying after school on the last day of school even though we weren’t technically supposed to be there or the many trips around the city for various reasons.
  5. Finding out more about myself, like how I like guys with great hair.
  6. The beautiful, albeit late, fall season in the canyon. 
  7. Reading great books in general and not having to worry about anything at the moment.
  8. Getting inspiration from the most randomest things, like a picture of an unknown planet or plot bunnies invading writers everywhere.
  9. [Surprisingly], moving to a new place.
  10. Jumping into the cold water at the water park.
  11. Joining a writing club at my new school.
  12. Meeting my relatives on my mom's side via Skype, when my older sister was visiting them for two and a half months.
  13. Failing horribly while attempting to speak French when my friend and I went to a French fair a few months ago.
  14. Getting a 100% on a math test that dealt with trig, and feeling very smug about it.
  15. My AVID class at my old school.
  16. Joining a cookie fandom that all started out as a casual post on my tumblr dashboard.
Honorable mentions:
French fries
The last week of school in general.
Playing apples to apples at a friend's birthday party.
Eating too many Oreos at another friend's birthday party.
Having one of my friends drive me home from somewhere, and knowing that we won’t get into a crash anytime soon.
Seeing deer in the backyard
Bake cookies for fun.

~ Stacy N. 


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