What I want in life

“I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks.”
― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird
The world to understand that women and minorities and people in general are just, well people.
Someone to say, I’m glad you’re alive and actually mean it.
A deep self-love for myself.
To be a “Doctor’s” companion or to have a companion so the Doctor in me won't be lonely.
Equal rights for everyone.
Someone who I can easily talk to without a worry that they’re going to judge me.
People to admit to me that I’m an idiot sometimes.
The United States school system to change and allow students to learn when they’re ready.
A [romantic] relationship with someone who likes Doctor Who and books and is also generally open-minded and is willing to learn.
To get my driver’s license without fear of failing my driver’s test.
A dog to be there for me when I’m down (and who’s also a good snuggling partner).
People to understand that rape, sexual assault, and abuse don’t just apply to women.
People to understand that feminism is about equality and breaking down the patriarchy.
People to be more open-minded in general.
People to understand that being an ally for the lgbtqa community means more than supporting gay marriage.
Women have a right to do with whatever they want to their bodies without feeling ashamed.
People should do what they think what’s right for themselves without being ashamed in general.
Racism, sexism, and intolerance of any sort should stop in general.
People to be supportive.
People to be kind.
Me to starting writing more often.
Me to read more books.
Eventually to learn some languages again, such as Vietnamese, French, and a little bit of sign language.
Me to be a better friend.
Me to try to become a better person.
To be successful in terms of happiness and contentedness, not in terms of money.
My kids to live freely, yet still knowing the dangers and injustices of this world.
Education to be accessible to everyone.
Higher education to be cheaper.
Schools to start later, like around nine am, because humans function better at that time.
And to live a life that I’m in control of, influenced by many kinds of events, people, ideas, etc.

~ Stacy N.


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