An empty hand is wondering where to go.

Current word count as of 11/30/13
All shadows whisper of the sun. 
~ Emanuel Carnevali

How to reach fifty thousand words: take a few hours off and write roughly seven thousand words. All the while getting distracted from the nanowrimo forums and avoid tumblr all together during this time. And eat lots of tootsie rolls along the way. However, that only works if you’re me. If you’re someone else than the conditions will most likely not apply and you will probably end up losing or winning. It all depends on how many words you have left to write.
Also, try to not get distracted on day eighteen to yesterday. All because of schoolwork, plain laziness, and a guy with great hair who takes you out on a date to go see the Ender’s Game movie. But, do have the determination and courage to finish your novel. After all there are over a billion stories, but at least one of them is uniquely yours.
And feel sad because nanowrimo is over, but at the same time feel relieved because it’s finally over.  

~ Stacy N.


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