Another goodbye post, but this time to the year 2013.

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2013 has been almost a surreal year for me, from saying goodbye to some of my friends for the last time to seeing the Jazz win the basketball game against the Charlotte Bobcats, with a lot of things happening before that and in between. It was also the year where I started to appreciate myself more. And say hey, I am pretty even though I may not look like it according to society’s standard. Even though, society’s standard on beauty and many other things are impossible to accomplish, in my opinion.
This was also the year when I started to really learn how unfair the world is. But at the same time how beautiful it is as well. The world is unfair because there are a bunch of male politicians who does not own vaginas, making rules about how women should operate their body. Or how bad the United States education system is. But at the same time the world is beautiful because of all the little things that people do to make it better for someone else. And how, beautiful street art and many other various forms of art are. And there’s probably more, but that can be in an another post next year.
2013 was also the year when indecision really set in making me question about what I really want to do with my future. Do I really want to become a published author? Do I really want to have a major in business/accounting? Do I really want to stay in the middle of every little thing, constantly swaying this way or that?
 It was also an unlucky year for my writing. As stories and poetry seemed unwilling to enter my brain, much alone my fingers. However, if they were written down, it was most likely for school or forced out in an unnatural way. In fact, the only exception to this was nanowrimo, and that turned out pretty well. But since it is now the end of the year, I’m slowly trying to produce something new. Which turns out to be poetry that’s mainly about someone else in my life.
This was also a fun year, by going to places that I would not expect myself to end up at. Like the zoo in winter or even to a bookstore with a creepy basement. Or to many other places that has happened by random. I also didn’t expect myself to do some unexpected things like watch random chick flicks on television all because I was bored or even ask anyone to go to the winter formal with me. (It was also pretty surprising when he said yes).
And well, 2013 turned out to be an awesome year.  Sure there was some pain and anger and emptiness with a dash of creepiness mixed in. Also add in the fact that there was some other negativity involved. However, that cannot be avoided no matter how hard I try to avoid it. Plus there was also all the smiles, laughter, joy, happiness, and relaxation, as well as all the other positivity to take into account.
So, all in all, I hope that 2014 will be a better and hopefully even more amazing year, however stressful it will be.
                And now the final results of my New Year’s resolutions from earlier this year.
*bold - I have done it for a short while. 
  • Write two sentences every day- one sentence that is fictional and story like (to help inspire me to write stories/poetry). The other sentence, will describe what I did during the day (to reflect and to remember it in the future [just in case]) [That went well for the first half of the year]
  • Finish writing a book or two [this year hasn't been well for my writing]
  • Help around the house more often.
  • Learn how to drive.
  • Get my driver’s license
  • Do one active ‘exercise’ at least once a week. (I’m pretty sure that I will fail this one, but it’s good to try anyways)
  • Read at least 52 books (a book per week) [I ended up reading at least 41]
  • For at least once a week, write a post on Sweets Galore.
  • Design a new theme for my blog
  • Figure out the why-did-I-choose-this-name behind the name Sweets Galore.
  • Work harder in school
  • Apply for at least one scholarship this year.
  • Once a week, do something nice for somebody. [In truth, I haven’t really kept track] 

"Summer Girl" by Jonas & Plunkett (Song was originally featured in Maggie Stiefvater's The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy)

~ Stacy N.


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