My own personal march madness

  • Celebrating my brother’s birthday. As well as suffer through my two sisters’s fighting.
  • Laughing with my siblings as we watch improv.
  • Eating at various fast food places like McDonald's or Carl's Jr, and seeing people in cereal costumes for some kind of convention to suits, having just got out of church. 
  • ACT testing. A very fun test for college.
  • Eating yummy pizza from various pizza places. As well as getting an interesting look to all the people who are still up around midnight or so.
  • Going to church, and then singing for half an hour to listening to the kind of inspiring sermons. All the while casting a few glances around the room and see some people actually feel so touched by what they’re hearing that it's very interesting in a way. 
  • Drinking coffee, the only way to get through church.
  • Looking over all the scores for the March Madness games, out of pure curiosity. All the while hoping that Florida will be the championships for this year.
  • One word, naps.
  • Feeling sick for a few days
  • Reading new books like The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White to rereading books like The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  • Getting an HTC One for some reason. Is it for surviving the end of term? Not getting into trouble? Chores? Who knows. 
  • Watching movies like True Lies, Catching Fire, Divergent, and The Great Gatsby. All the while feeling sad about Catching Fire and Divergent, because I already know what will happen. To laughing at the slightly absurd effects used in The Great Gatsby. To wondering why most spy movies must involve explosions, guns, sex, saving the world, etc.
  • Hanging out with various people like my family, friends, and boyfriend.
  • Writing crappy poetry, most often at night.
  • Homework 
  • Surviving the end of term.  
  • Procrastinating on various things by going onto tumblr.
  • Playing that addicting 2048 game.
  • Listening to music from Summertime Sadness to songs from Tessa Violet 
  • Replying back to pen pals from various countries.
  • Emotions, they’re fun to have some times other times they’re outright shitty.
  • Silly stories with my boyfriend created by him saying three words and then I add on to that also using three words and then he adds on to that with three new words of his own and so on.
  • Tests and surprisingly passing them or at least being okay with them.
  • Doing science labs late at night when everyone is often asleep
  • Finding out that I like to do science-y things late at night, when my tired brain could barely process it all.
  • Strange clicking sounds that keeps me up at night. Finally turning off with a switch of a button (literally).
  • Going outside on nice days to feel the warmth of the sun.
  • Feeling like cat, from resting in sunny spots to napping.
  • Reading Waking Storms by Sarah Porter, while sitting by a warm fireplace with snow outside. 
  • Spring break
  • Doing my financial literacy work.
  • Vaguely knowing what to do for Camp Nanowrimo
  • Going to entrepreneurship lectures and feeling inspired afterwards.
  • Eating yummy ice cream.
  • Going grocery shopping and still running out of honey nut cheerios by the end of the week. 
And now the weather: 

- Stacy N.


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