Camp Nanowrimo: A fourth time around?

It is now day two of Camp Nanowrimo. A writing event that is taking place during April and July of this year. It is where you attempt to write 10,000 or more words (depending on what you have set as your word count) on your novel, fanfiction, poetry, script, etc for a full month. And then if you want, you can try writing another 10,000+ words during July. More info, about it can be found here.
This is my fourth attempt at Camp Nanowrimo. The first year it started, I've done it informally, afraid to try my hand at writing fifty thousand words during the summer. Instead what I ended up doing was write about 25 K or so during July. That was surprisingly easy. I tried again during August, only to fail due to the fact that school was starting again.
The next year in August of 2012, I've tried Camp Nanowrimo again. Only this time getting about 35 K written. Again, school was starting and it was distracting me, with all its homework and coursework and such. Which was a pity because I actually liked writing Shh, Silence is Golden. Though, I might continue working on it sometime this year.
Last year in April, I tried Camp Nanowrimo for the third time. This time only attempting 30,000 words. However, there was school and the fact that Eliza didn't particularly interest me. So I only managed to write about seven thousand words. Which seems like a lot, but in truth it isn’t.
As you can see a pattern is starting to show. Whenever, I attempt to write during months which starts with the letter A, I would fail. Just kidding, however, whenever I do attempt to do Camp Nanowrimo, I would most often than not fail on my word count. Simply because school would distract me and I would get bored with whatever it was that I was writing about. Which is bad because you often need passion for whatever it is you’re doing. Whether it’s starting a business to cooking for loved ones.
But back to what I’m talking about. Camp Nanowrimo is not as motivational as Nanowrimo. There are no pep talks, not many interesting special offers, and it's just not the same if it isn’t held in November.
However, there's something about Camp Nanowrimo that keeps me coming back to it over and over again. Maybe it's because it encourages me to continue on writing during the middle-ish of the year. Maybe it's because there's some part of me who misses writing on a deadline. Maybe I just miss Nanowrimo and want to do it again. Maybe it's because I like doing Camp Nanowrimo, despite the fact that I never really finish my word count goals.
Oh well, whatever the reason, I'm back to doing Camp Nanowrimo again this year. This time I'm only writing 10,000 words. Which is the lowest word count goal that I have ever set for myself. And I don’t know if I can accomplish it. To make this even more of a challenge, I’m writing poetry. No, it isn’t going to be like an Ellen Hopkins novel, where it’s a novel written in poetry. Almost all the poems that I am writing will be completely disconnected from each other. In fact, the only thing that will connect them together is the fact that it’s written by me. However, I can’t just make up completely random poems at the top of my head. So I’m using past poem a day prompts from Writer’s Digest to help me. Which are surprisingly fun to do.

And now the weather:
                Broken Record by Tessa Violet 
- Stacy N.


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