Movies that I can't help but love

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My (top?) three favorite animated movies
  • Anastasia (which is not a Disney movie, it's by 20th Century Fox)
  • Mulan
  • The Princess and the Frog
Why I like them?
  • The girl saves the day
  • There's racial diversity. Anastasia is Russian, Mulan is Chinese, and Tiana is black. And that's not what you see often in the media. 
  • The main character finds her family, both literally (in the case of Anastasia) and figuratively. 
  • There's a good musical soundtrack. 
  • It's a twist on the old-fashioned fairy tale/myth.
  • There's a sassy/jazz player/adorable animal friend.
And honestly, it was hard trying to find movies like these when I was growing up. Especially movies that didn't' involve objectifying the girl in some way; where the cast wasn't all white; and where it didn't use any offensive racial stereotypes. Because by now, I'm tired of having at least one of these in almost every movie that I watch. 

~ Stacy N.


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