Toto, I've a feeling I'm not in high school anymore

Well college is exactly a week away and I’m both freaking out and excited about it. Freaking out because of the many decisions that I have to make (mainly financial), and just knowing that I actually have to become an adult. Though it’s a bit hard to become a full-fledged adult when I still live with my parents and still haven’t figured everything out yet, like taxes. Excited because I’m finally in college and could make my own decisions, like not taking classes so early in the morning. Also, because I’m three classes away from finishing my general ed requirements.  Leaving me a lot of room to finish all the requirements for an English major, business minor, and maybe a gender studies minor, as well as take other classes that I like.
That reminds me, here are the classes that I’m going to be taking this fall:

Critical Introduction to Literary Forms
Or as I like to call it, step one for acquiring an English major. This class will most likely involve a lot of writing and reading. Which is both yay and nay. Yay, because I love reading (as you may have already noticed) and analyzing the text because it gives deeper meaning to the work as a whole. Nay, because I’m not a big fan of writing essays.

Beginning Vietnamese I
Finally a language course that will hopefully fit my needs. After living eighteen or so years in a Vietnamese home, I’ve only managed to speak a few words/phrases of the language. Which is certainly not enough to carry on a conversation with someone. However, I can understand some of it, to a certain extent. And not having enough motivation to study Vietnamese on my own (after so and so failed attempts), it’s nice to find a teacher willing to teach it in a small classroom setting. Hopefully, this will stick and I can speak a bit more Vietnamese to my family by the end of the school year.

Here I Stand: An Intro to Gender Studies
Where I learn more about the discrimination against gender and/or lgbtqia+ minorities. Which will probably anger me, as I learn more about the injustice that is found in our society and around the world. However, this is also a class I look forward to taking because it will help me get out of my comfort zone and develop my leadership skills (which is so-so). And by developing my leadership skills, I mean I’m going to an after school program for K-6 graders, with a group of my classmates, and mentor little kids. Which is extremely terrifying to me, because one, I don’t teach; two, I’m not that great with little kids; and three, just the fact that they’re eventually going to look up to me makes me feel even older than I already am. Hopefully, it will be worth it though.

Introduction to Creative Writing
As you can deduce from the title, this class is not going to involve writing critical essays about the symbolism of the green light in The Great Gatsby or another symbolic item in another great work of literature. However, this class might involve fanfiction that includes the green light from The Great Gatsby. It’s also most likely going to involve quite a few writer’s blocks; coffee; crazy stories about who knows what; and poetry about the large, mysterious void that is the future.

And there you have it, part one of my classes that I’m going to be taking this year. And as you can see, math will not be involved, nor will I take it in the spring. This is a grave choice that I’m making because eventually I have to take it if I want that business minor. 

And now the weather:
~ Stacy N.


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