Nanowrimo 2015

Wow, Nanowrimo is in seventeen days, and I definitely do not feel very prepared for it at all. Instead of getting an idea in the summer like I usually do, I got an idea right around this month. Last week in fact. And as usual, it came to me through a dream. A dream that involved a cloudy day, a forest, an asexual and aromantic prince, and a gay maiden who’s willingly locked herself up in a tower. It’s a weird fairy tale (if you could even call it that), whose plot I’m still trying to figure out. All I know is that it’s going to involve a lot of talking, with a failed seduction angle.

I’m also going to write other short stories, this year. Not quite as fairy tale-ish as the dream one. But still quite as weird. The other stories are mainly au ideas that I’ve collected on tumblr. Ones that relate with me in some way, like “Is there a reason why you never say my first name?” and “Why does this cost TEN DOLLARS THIS IS AN OUTRAGE”. Some are going to be a few stories that are just writing prompts that my creative writing teacher gave out in class. And a few (or maybe a lot) of short stories that are one or two sentences long. Those ones are inspired by Lydia Davis’s writing style.

Well, I’ve revealed too much about what I’m going to write this year. So, before I spoil anything else, I’m going to hold off on telling you guys what the book title is going to be. As well as, what the book cover looks like. Because I’m still in the process of finalizing it. Even though it seems pretty final right now. But if you really want to know, you can always go to my Nanowrimo page under the username 1018mockingjay.
See ya.

And now the weather:
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~ Stacy N.