Camp Nanowrimo 2012~

Starts today! ^.^
For those of you who don't know what Camp Nanowrimo [National Novel Writing Month] is, it's a writing event where you try to write 50,000 words in a single month. It came from the original NaNoWriMo event that starts in three months aka November.

It's a very nice event that can help shut up your inner editor and let your crazy juices out. In other words, while writing your novel during any kind of Nanowrimo, it's going to be really messy because you've added events that shouldn't be there, all in hopes to raise your word count. However, it's nice because that novel that you've been wanting to write since you were a little kid is already out on paper. Though, the editing process will not be a pleasant job.

So  far, I've written... 60 words for my Camp Nanowrimo novel. And for some odd reason, I'm laughing about that. My biggest distraction so far is the internet especially here and the Nanowrimo sites. Also, I've decided to go with...

Cover made by featherdancer from the YWP nanowrimo forums. 
So, thank you everyone for helping me decide my plot. Now, I should get off and complete my goal of 50 K. (though 35 K is just as good as well).

Have an amazing day and if you're particpating in Camp Nanowrimo...


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  1. LOVE the cover, and awesome title. Good luck this month. Will you be doing Nanowrimo in November? I'm pretty sure i'm going to do it this year!
    Good luck!