*Isn't sure what to say really*

Camp Nanowrimo is going really well for me. ^. ^ I'm 14% into novel with a total of about 7115 words. I'm slightly paranoid when it comes to saving my novel though; as well as my laptop, I save my novel to seven other places (skydrive, google docs, my flash drive, and I email it to my four email accounts.) That’s a lot, I know, but as they say better safe than sorry.

I’m also pleased with my main characters; though I’m surprised I have three. Their names are Lana (female), Ethan aka Etho (male), and Echo (female). Normally, I have two but one just popped up I guess. They’re really fun to write with, especially the unexpected one. Though I guess, I should stop talking about my novel or else I might spoil the ending.

So here are songs I’ve been liking lately ~

I like this song because it's not a love song but a song about friendship, and the music video is funny. 

This song reminds me of Ethan's love for Echo, which is sweet the more I write the book. 

 Have an amazing day~ 


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