The Shadow & her Lover (nanowrimo 2013)

Nanowrimo checklist:
Come up with a plot
Character sketches.
[More or less, I still need to work on it]
[Still working on it but I get the basics of it]
Villain who actually has a good reason to be “evil”
[More or less]
Main characters who end up being annoying in a lovable way.
[I don’t know them well enough to know if they’re annoying]
Interesting background stories.
[More or less there]
Everything else?
[I’ll improvise if I need to]
Do I feel ready for it at all?

How it all started:
I had a dream. It was a riveting dream, one that I had no control over as I was sucked into the world right along with my characters. It lasted a long time. And, once I was done, I didn't want to let it go because a little part of me would be gone, washed away by reality and replaced with other dreams. So doing what any writer should be doing, I wrote it down, determined to turn it into my next nanowrimo novel.
That was from the summer, and it evolved from there. But the basic plot of the dream is still the same. A girl runs off with a guy and avoid getting captured by her mom (who’s also the villain), and then in the end the girl is forced to come back to get back what’s hers. This involves shadows, twins, lies, outer space, books, falling in love, and a past involving piracy.
Not the usual romantic story that involves saving the world, overcoming rivalry, finding out that the other person might die soon because their cancer came back, immortality, or any of the other stuff that you would normally find in romance plots nowadays. Instead, it’s almost a combination of all of them; some elements are tarnished and unrecognizable, while others are polished, eagerly awaiting their turn in the spotlight. The whole book is about falling in love with an alien (literally), which as far as I've seen is rare.
~ Stacy N.


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