Goodbye 2016

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Funny how a lot can happen in a year, I’m officially in my twenties; I ended up liking someone that I think I have a chance of dating (if only we weren’t so nerdy and studied all the time);  I’m socializing more and I don't feel as drained when I'm finished hanging out with them; I find myself writing creatively more often outside of November; I’m blogging more this year; my Vietnamese is getting a bit better; I got a tattoo; I’m happier, sadder, more scared, and angry because of world events like the Pulse club shooting, Trump’s election, and Aleppo*; my grandma unfortunately died; I didn’t end up participating in Nanowrimo this year due to personal reasons (*coughcoughcollegeworkandfinalsandallthatcoughcough*); and I find myself more involved in college groups like the undergraduate literary magazine at my school.

It feels good and weird and sad knowing how much I've done this year and how much I haven't done. And it's hard to know if I did accomplish my New Year's resolution this year. I mean being a better person is pretty vague, but I think I did become a slightly better person. I mean I'm better at catching myself whenever I think or say problematic stuff, though I still need a lot of work. It's also harder to feel happy considering everything that has happened both personally and around the world. And honestly, I think it's just going to go down from here before getting a bit better. But my little optimistic side can't help but feel glad that a new year is coming because it means that this year is finally coming to an end.

Sorry for being a downer. Have a good one and let's hope that next year won't suck as much.

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Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen cover by Pentatonix

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~ Stacy N.


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