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2017, I hope you're a better year than 2016 but I doubt that will happen. Everything needs to dip down because good things can't last forever. However, bad things can't last forever either, so it needs to rise up eventually before going back down and then up and then down and then up. But hopefully, in the bigger picture progress will be made in an uphill direction.

Also, ever year I realize how much the world sucks. And how it seems like that no matter what happens terrible events are going to occur. Another police officer shoots an unarmed black person that ends up on the news; somewhere in the Middle East is another shooting and the news won't say anything about it until kids are involved and badly injured; police are going to use unjust force on protestors (which will most likely happen during inauguration day at least); something terrible will happen around reproductive justice (specifically concerning limiting access to abortion); something terrible will also happen around the LGBTQIA+ group (another bill that limits their rights? another shooting?); something involving terrorism will happen; Trump is going to say and/or do something dumb and offensive; etc. And it's sad and people will do their thing they do best which is just liking a post/picture/tweet (maybe changing their facebook profile picture) without actually doing anything about it.

However, this year I'll do my best and donate to charities and organizations that will actually help those in need and those who've been affected by the terrible tragedy that will happen. It may not be much because I am a broke college student but every penny does add up. I'll also try my best and post about terrible events* to make you guys aware of it and post some links so you can help support them too. Also, I'll try to catch myself saying or thinking problematic things more often and actually learn about why it's bad and do my best to not repeat the mistake again. And I'll try to be more vocal on matters that are important to me because nothing is going to be done if I'm silent on it. Plus, silence does add to the problem. And hopefully, I write more for at least fifteen minutes every day or every other day because it is fun to do when I'm not stuck in the boggy middle.
Well, I've unintentionally made some New Year's resolutions, here's to hoping that I actually do follow up on it.

What are your New Year's resolutions or do you just make promises that you don't care if you keep up on or not? Do you see life with the glass half empty or half filled or both? Also, are you glad that it's finally a new year or are you kind of nervous to see what terrible things will happen or both?

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*Only if I feel like I understand it well enough
P.S. Happy New Year and may your year be at least okay.
~ Stacy N.


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