Sweet's Galore! Another blog birthday

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If you caught the reference to my old blog name (Sweet's Galore), you know you've been here too long but thank you for still staying with me and hopefully you'll still stay. Thinking back, this blog has gone through a lot of phases, the random middle school years, my high school years of book reviews and trying to deal with personal issues, and my current college years that seem to lean more towards social justice and feminist issues, with bits of my writing are sprinkled here and there. My blog has also changed a lot from Blogspot's standard themes to themes that I found on the internet to themes that I now personally make. And of course, there was that name change. I've also updated how I've written my blog posts to the style that you now commonly see. But throughout it all, my little talks has remained the same. It's still a blog written by me about anything but not everything. Whether that anything is about books, my writing, feminist issues, what's going on in my life, or whatever happens to be on my mind. And hopefully, it still stays like that for another six years.

Also, holy crap six years! Thank you to you guys (and my want to give myself a voice through my writing) I would not be here. Honestly, readers, viewers, just some kind of an audience in general is part of why I still continue blogging. Because no matter what I say, I know I always have at least one person listening and that's the most comforting thing in the world.

And now the weather:
The Way You Are by David Choi and Kina Grannis
~ Stacy N.


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